YOUR BEAUTY and splendor have everyone talking; I compose songs on YOUR wonders. Psalm 145:5 9 (Msg)


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Islimela is the fine arts division of 1 Old Note. We dance, we sing; we put together words and melody, translated in our bodies and lived out in our lives as an offering unto the Most High God – the LORD.


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We offer sacrifices of praise and worship to God through the talents and giftings that He has given to us. 



God is God who hates robbery and oppression. We are His anointed hands and feet to bring awareness and freedom

ACTS: The Good News about Christ

A book about the life and love of Jesus and hope in a dying world.

Love's goodness sought to make a way to be with us; goodness that sought to clothe our hearts with beauty while the chasm of sin and self destruction consumed us. Love is beautiful, He is kind; patient and eager to embrace us; covered in truth - truth that heals, offers hope and holds us together. This love is Christ. This book details this story - the story of a King who is Love that died for all man on the cross to bring salvation. It also teaches the basic principles of bringing this story to a broken world.




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About the Book

Evangelism as defined by the The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary is the proclamation of the “evangel” (Gk. euangelion), the good news, of Jesus Christ. Jesus when He had risen from the dead gave instructions to the apostles to go all over the world proclaiming the good news about Him, teaching the world about who He is; what He did and how to obey Him. When you have just experienced God in an amazing way whether through healing, salvation or provision this can be a thrilling task to do, your heart yearns to testify about Christ, your feet ache to go all over the world but it can also be discouraging when you have done all this to no positive results.

This book was conceived after I had studied the book of Acts and saw how the apostles had obeyed God and did all He had commanded with maximum results. The Holy Spirit started speaking to me about how when we go after His heart the devil will attack us but His grace is sufficient to carry us in these times of trouble, that when we obey every instruction from Him success is inevitable. It is a compilation of lessons learnt from the book of Acts and personal experiences in the ministry jobs that I took part in. it is also a reminder that God’s will is our safe place. We are ever out of danger from the attacks of the devil when we do what God wants us to do. His heart is kind and His love faithful. What He requires of us He has already provided for and whatever we encounter He has already delivered us from. I pray that this book encourages you to go out to the world and proclaim the name of Jesus; that you learn a few techniques about reaching out to the lost or presenting the gospel and that it strengthens you in times of testing knowing that He who began a great work in you will finish it until the day of Jesus Christ.





Series: A Love Story, Book 1
Genre: Evangelism
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: 1 Old Note (Pty) Ltd
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Kindle eBook
Length: 100 pages
ISBN: 9781005942892

eBook Price: 9.99
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About the Author
Lithakazi Mkombe

Lithakazi Mkombe is a passionate believer of Jesus and a mother of one. She was bred and fed in the town of Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. She realised her call to fulltime Ministry while she was part of the staff at Christian Revival Church in Durban. She later worked for different ministries such as Hand of Hope (Joyce Meyer Ministries Missions) and Every Nation Durban. She is passionate about Visual Anthropology – the origins of mankind and their creative expression within their culture and spirituality; she seeks to understand the Theology of Ancestralism as a means to reach out and bring the gospel of Christ to Africa.

Her love for all forms of art and God led to her pursuit of Architecture and Theology Studies at the Durban University of Technology and the South African Theological Seminary; she continues to study other disciplines. Her heart beats for helping fellow Christians grow by getting them discipled as she digs deeper in God. My only aim is to leave everyone I come across with answers, new questions to explore or at least a simple change for the better; shaping minds and hearts through art and words. Ultimately, to improve the lives of women and children in Africa.

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