YOUR BEAUTY and splendor have everyone talking; I compose songs on YOUR wonders. Psalm 145:5 9 (Msg)


Islimela – 

Islimela is the fine arts division of 1 Old Note. We dance, we sing; we put together words and melody, translated in our bodies and lived out in our lives as an offering unto the Most High God – the LORD.


Worship – 

We offer sacrifices of praise and worship to God through the talents and giftings that He has given to us. 



God is God who hates robbery and oppression. We are His anointed hands and feet to bring awareness and freedom

REVELATIONS: Missio Dei (The Mission of God)

A book on love, war and victory.

Missio Dei, a Latin translation of the words "Mission of God". It is based on the book of Revelation, touches on both testaments in the Bible and shares a testimony from my life. Its primary aim is to teach us that God is faithful and that He is just. His ways are pure and His standards never change

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About the Book

Often, we have heard that life is what you make of it, that it is the gift that keeps on giving – multiplying back to you what you put into it. That if we sow, we reap. We have heard that hard work gives off good fruit and laziness leads to poverty. We have also heard that time and chance happen to all man, that it is a matter of being at the right place at the right time and that things that happen to you are subjective to that. Well, this is biblical and therefore true. If you will not work you will not eat, if you are lazy you will always be left wanting and if you do not prepare you might miss your opportunities – opportunities that are available to all man. So, yes, hard work pays off but sadly we have seen situations where one has done all that is humanly possible to achieve what they dream of but they are still faced with resistance. There are scriptures mentioned by God in the Bible about how wine that has been toiled for by the children of Israel will no longer be eaten by those whose feet did not press it. He talks of how He restores that which has been stolen and protects that which remains in their care. This means that even in adversity and resistance God is there, watching; waiting on us to seek Him for help because His gentle character does not allow Him to impose on us. What do we do then? Cosmic life is influenced by spiritual life. All that happens in the physical realm is a manifestation of what has happened in the spiritual realm and for us to attain all that we desire we will need what is supernatural. This could be why we have also heard of sayings such as doing what is humanly possible and well, this is what God expects of us. He calls us conquerors. We first conquer ourselves so that we are able to conquer external forces. God helps us in both. This is why He first works in what is within us to produce good fruit so that we are able to sustain what is outside of us. The fruit of hard work and talents that we will see. The work that people compliment. The things that all man chase after. God knows we need all these but instructs us to seek Him first with promises of giving these to us. We have promises from God, we also have an enemy that hates us. The aim of this book is to help you navigate through life into the fullness of the destiny that God has for you by first understanding what God’s mission for life is and how that fits into our personal visions for our lives. We hope it also drives you into seeking God about what it is that He wants you to do with your life. We will do this by first understanding how God works and why He works the way He does then by learning about the history of the Bible and the mystery of how things turned the way they did in the New Testament – the cause of the jump from the Old to the New Testament. We will do this by focusing on the book of Genesis and Revelations so that we understand what God’s plan for creation was, how it was tainted and what God has not only done but will continue to do to redeem His plan. This will encourage believers and non-believers to go after what God has given to us so that we live in the fullness of our callings and purposes. We will also look at how the children of Israel were always redeemed by God and find encouragement to stand in the midst of adversity. I will also be sharing my personal testimony towards my journey of receiving all that God has instore for me and how I continue to wait to see more of it.

Series: A Love Story, Book 2
Genre: Evangelism
Publisher: 1 Old Note
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781005742645
List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 7.45
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About the Author
Lithakazi Mkombe

Lithakazi Mkombe is a passionate believer of Jesus and a mother of one. She was bred and fed in the town of Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. She realised her call to fulltime Ministry while she was part of the staff at Christian Revival Church in Durban. She later worked for different ministries such as Hand of Hope (Joyce Meyer Ministries Missions) and Every Nation Durban. She is passionate about Visual Anthropology – the origins of mankind and their creative expression within their culture and spirituality; she seeks to understand the Theology of Ancestralism as a means to reach out and bring the gospel of Christ to Africa.

Her love for all forms of art and God led to her pursuit of Architecture and Theology Studies at the Durban University of Technology and the South African Theological Seminary; she continues to study other disciplines. Her heart beats for helping fellow Christians grow by getting them discipled as she digs deeper in God. My only aim is to leave everyone I come across with answers, new questions to explore or at least a simple change for the better; shaping minds and hearts through art and words. Ultimately, to improve the lives of women and children in Africa.

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