YOUR BEAUTY and splendor have everyone talking; I compose songs on YOUR wonders. Psalm 145:5 9 (Msg)


Islimela – 

Islimela is the fine arts division of 1 Old Note. We dance, we sing; we put together words and melody, translated in our bodies and lived out in our lives as an offering unto the Most High God – the LORD.


Worship – 

We offer sacrifices of praise and worship to God through the talents and giftings that He has given to us. 



God is God who hates robbery and oppression. We are His anointed hands and feet to bring awareness and freedom


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Short pieces of artworks to always remember God is an eternal God. What He has to say is vast. What He wants to reveal cannot be contained. His mysteries leave us in awe, they are notes by the beauty of His Word. He reveals Jesus, Jesus reveals Him. His Word in flesh came as the image of God fulfilling His Words and saving the world. This Word lives in us and reveals Himself through these notes. 1 Old Note